I do not have any direct connection to any of these companies listed, however some links include a code that when used gives me commission. The recommended companies are ones I have used in the past.

Decentralised / Private sale (Recommended)

These methods are recommended as they provide more privacy than the other options.





NZ Bitcoin Only Brokers

Brokers are companies that buy the crypto on your behalf and send it to you. This makes the process easier but they charge a fee that is usually included in the price they charge for the crypto.

Bitaroo (Recommended)

NZ Bitcoin Only Exchanges

Exchanges are the market where buying and selling happens, you can likely get a better rate than on the broker but the buying process can be a little more complicated

Bitaroo (Recommended: Bitcoin only and lightning support)


NZ Bitcoin & Altcoin Brokers

Easy Crypto

International Exchanges

International exchanges often have more volume for a better price